Certificate in Business and Management

Certificate in Business and Management is designed to provide key knowledge, understanding and skills to business and management. Learners will learn effective team working, understand the business environment and finance, and the benefits of using IT system within the organisation. At the end of this qualification, you will be able to:-

  • Understand the effectiveness of team working within the organisation.
  • Understand your own performance within the business environment.
  • Identify the importance of managing finance.
  • Analyse the business environment to construct a business plan.


Description of the Certificate in Business and Management

In the Certificate of Business and Management, you will study only one module and develop key skills relating to

  • Overall business administration.
  • Principles of management and the manager's role to manage organisations such as budgeting, designing, selling, financing, and accounting etc.
  • Managerial capabilities to develop a team to achieve the organisational task or a goal; how to lead a team and how to work efficiently and effectively as a team member.
  • Determining Opportunities and Threats, conducting Environmental analysis, and analysing the competitors’ strategies and identifying the organisation's strength and weaknesses to meet market competition.
  • Managing Finance such as how much money does the company need? How and where will it get the necessary money? How and when will it pay the money back? What investments should be made in plant and equipment? How much should be spent on research and development?
  • Business planning to identify the goals of a business and how these goals will be achieved.


How will you study?

Our learning portal will be available to you study 24/7.  You can use your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet anytime in a flexible learning environment to study entirely online.


Assessment Methods

Assessment methods include Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and/or short questions.


Entry Requirement

Certificate in Business and Management is open to all learners without any restrictions.


Who is this course for?

A certificate in Business and Management is useful for individuals from all over the world who are already on the job or re-entering employment after a period of absence and for those who are seeking a career change.


Course Duration

Students are allowed to complete the Certificate in Business and Management within 3 weeks from the enrolment.


Career Paths

Certificate holders can have careers as Business Development Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Business Analysts, Business and Management Consultants, Strategy Analysts, or Finance Officers. You can also apply to us for further education studies that are equivalent to the Bachelor or Masters’ degree.


  1. L2BM - Business Management and Team Work

  2. L2BM - Understanding Business Environment, Segmentation and Decision Making

  3. L2BM - Managing Finance and Developing a Business Plan

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