Certificate in Management and Leadership

Certificate in Management and Leadership

Certificate in Management and Leadership

Cambridge Management and Leadership School offer a Certificate in Management and Leadership to introduce learners to an essential overview of the field of management and leadership. Learners will gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be used to improve their management techniques in the areas of leadership, communication, change management, people performance and project planning.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the Certificate in Management and Leadership, you should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of management and leadership, its functions and the skills required of managers and leaders.
  • Identify the managerial role in planning, designing and implementation of strategies for effective decision making.
  • Assess leadership role, personality and the importance of leadership in the management of the utilisation of resources in an organisation


Description of Certificate in Management and Leadership

This course includes key topics relating to management and leadership to meet the above learning outcomes. 


Continuous professional development (CPD)

This course also provides continuous professional development to individuals. 1 hour of learning will give you 1 CPD point.


How will you study

Our learning portal will be available to you study 24/7.  You can use your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet anytime in a flexible way to study entirely online.


Assessment Methods

Assessment methods include Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and/or short questions.


Results and Certificate

You will get your MCQs results instantly after completing the test, while short questions result and certificates will be issued within 3 working days.


Who is this course for?

This qualification is valuable for individuals who are new to the business studies or already in the business as Directors/Owners or Managers to further develop their Management and Leadership Skills at the Operational and Strategic Level. This qualification is also useful for individuals from all over the world who are already on the job or re-entering employment after a period of absence and for those who are seeking a career change.


Entry Requirements

This qualification is open to all learners without any entry restrictions.


Career Path

Diploma holders can have careers as Strategic Managers, Team Leaders, Chairs of the Board, Directors, Planning Managers, Marketing and Sales Executives, Marketing and Sales Consultants, Resource Managers or Business Strategy Analysts.



  1. Learn who managers are and about the nature of their work

  2. Types of Managers and The Nature of Managerial Work

  3. Business Environment

  4. Environmental Analysis - Use of Models

  5. Managing Teams

  6. Managing Finance

    1. Construct a Business Plan

    2. Analysing Financial Performance of a Company

  7. Leadership

  8. Case Study

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  • Shaon Taher

    How can I request the certificate to be sent via post? Could you please contact me so I can email my details?

  • Hi there

    I believe I have now completed all the required assignments – case study and short questions. Can you advise me what happens next and how/when I will hear back from you?

    • Your work is with the Academic Director & the assessor. You will get the response shortly.

  • Hi Rachael, Can you please share with me what the ‘Assignments’ are? Are these the ‘Reflective Activities’?

    I have contacted Customer Support but did not get a clear instruction what / where the Assignments are.

    Many thanks – Graham

  • Does anyone know where I can find the assignment to complete the course ?

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