Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Healthcare Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Healthcare Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Healthcare Management

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in HealthCare Management provides an excellent opportunity to learners who have some experience at the administrative, supervisory, managerial or leadership level in the care sector. This qualification is designed to enhance learners’ management and leadership knowledge and skills to work effectively at the senior management position. The online DBA in HealthCare Management provides a flexible study environment to the working professionals to learn leadership and management skills, integrate theory with their practice at the international level and focus on the growth and performance across all levels of an organisation.  

During the programme, learners will be able to: -

  • Explores the links between leadership and management at the strategic level.
  • Develop strategic leadership skills to successfully lead international organisation.
  • Learn how to plan, execute and implement an effective strategy at all levels of the organisation at the international level.
  • Develop skills to manage and lead research project in line with professional and ethical principles.
  • Manage and lead the care organisation.
  • Evaluate and synthesize scholarly literature to contribute knowledge in healthcare management.
  • Work as an independent researcher to contribute to knowledge through original and independent research.


Qualification Structure

At Cambridge Management and Leadership School, we offer DBA HealthCare Management in two stages


Stage 1 - Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

In stage-1, Learners will study the following units.

  1. Leadership Qualities and Practice
  2. Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager
  3. Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  4. Strategic Planning in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  5. Strategic Direction in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  6. Strategic Communication
  7. Culture and its Impact on Strategy
  8. Research Methods

At the end of stage 1, learners are awarded Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (160 credits) – A Regulated Qualification in England – accredited to RQF Level 8 and awarded by Qualifi Awarding Organisation.


Stage 2 - Thesis 

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to apply the research skills gained during stage 1. Learners can use any philosophical assumption, research design, method, and approach to integrating their professional practice to research theories. DBA thesis enables learners to identify issue relating to their employment context in any organisation regardless of sector, consider relevant literature, collect data, apply research techniques, and analyse data to implement change to meet research objectives. Wordcount limit for a DBA thesis is 35,000-50,000. The standard followed for the thesis will be identical to the referencing style of Harvard, APA, or any other referencing system. There are numerous documents for the supervisor/students to study is provided to them, e.g. (Thesis Module Structure, Ethical Issues, how to write doctorate thesis, thesis regulations, and referencing system etc.).


After completion of the Thesis, learners are awarded Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in HealthCare Management by Azteca University.


About the Azteca University

Azteca University WHED number:  IAU-017248. With main campus and satellite campuses in Mexico, Universidad Azteca is a recognised private university, meeting the legal requirements for name and status of “Universidad” as well as counting on various programmatic accreditations (RVOE) by the federal government Secretary of Public Education (SEP). The university own doctorate awarded by Universidad Azteca corresponds to the Level 8 qualifications of the Mexican Qualifications Framework MMC which is equivalent to Mexican University Framework of Higher Education Qualifications Doctorate Level.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements for DBA in Healthcare Management is

  • A degree qualification or UK equivalent Level 6 and
  • Level 7 postgraduate qualification (120 credits)



Learners are allowed to complete the DBA (stage 1 and 2) in 36 months. The thesis stage will take only 12-24 months.




  • £11500 – DBA in Health Care Management (Stage 1 and Stage 2) 
  • £10,000 – DBA in Health Care Management Top Up (Thesis stage) 


Learning Support

Learners will study DBA, stage 1 and 2 at Cambridge Management and Leadership School entirely online that will include a full support - an online learning platform (e.g. e-libraries and training) and a supervisor to prepare them for the thesis. 


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