Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration


The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) provides an excellent opportunity for applicants who have some experience at the administrative, supervisory, managerial or leadership level in any sector to gain a further higher education qualification to enhance their career prospects. DBA is a research based doctorate in business administration. DBA stresses more practical approaches rather than theoretical aspects. DBA is pursued by those professionals who are directly involved in the corporate world.

During the programme, learners will be able to:-

  • Develop critical self-reflection and self-awareness to enhance personal and professional development at management level.
  • Develop research skills.
  • Analyse effective methods, procedures, and systems for defining, planning and scheduling, controlling and organising project activities.
  • Assess organisational performance through strategic analysis to strategic formulations and to prepare the participant of this course to take the responsibility and managerial roles in areas of strategic planning, decision making and organisational change.
  • Determine and apply appropriate research methods to business management problems.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts involved business and management related problems to make appropriate decisions based on sound reasoning and analysis to create the organisational solution.
  • Conduct, evaluate and apply research designed to explain, forecast and to improve the performance of management system of the organisation.
  • Develop skills, capabilities and understanding in managing and organising research project in line with professional and ethical principles.
  • Evaluate and synthesize scholarly literature to general research that will significantly contribute knowledge in business management.
  • Work as an independent researcher to make a contribution to knowledge through original and independent research.

DBA candidates will write their thesis in areas suitable to their employment contexts or area of interest, such as management, education, technology management, organisational behaviour, coaching/mentoring, economics, finance, or other practical fields.

Qualification Structure

Entry Requirements

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Admission is offered on merit, subject to eligibility to the full DBA or DBA Top-up.

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  1. Study Planner - DBA

  2. L8DBA - Personal and Professional Development

  3. L8DBA - Strategic Management and Leadership

    It provides the opportunity for individuals to forge a career in management by seeking a greater knowledge and understanding industry, and to support the individual’s development into senior positions.
  4. Research Types

  5. Research Problem

  6. Elements of a good research

  7. Research Training (Research methods and Thesis Writing)

  8. Research Proposal

  9. Effective Referencing

  10. Thesis Level - Writing your thesis

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  • Nosa Erhinmwinsee

    Am interested in your PhD in Health & Social Care

    • Dear Nosa, it is DBA and you can produce a thesis in health and social care. It has two stages, stage 1 is fully focused on Strategic Management and Leadership (you can write assignments in health and social care, as this course is applicable to all sector). We have students who are working in the health & social care sector.

      • Seid Fathollahi

        If we produce thesis in health and social care or any thing else , will it has impact on the title of DBA qualification ?

  • Adel

    I have completed Qualifi Level 8 in SML and I would like to enroll on DBA? what is the procedure?

    • just send the request to admin and register your interest, need any support, writes me any time

      MD USMAN, DBA researcher
      MSc-ITC. CMgr. MCMI, M-BAm, PG, level 7 & 8.

  • Teris C.

    I would like to thank the Cambridge Management and Leadership School for giving me the opportunity to study the Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. An excellent experience that will support me in my operations in my country! I have already been accepted for a DBA (TopUp) from a Swiss Institute!

    • hi Adel
      please advice have you been accepted for a DBA (TopUp) from a Swiss Institute

      send the details so i can look into it to join

      • Hilary Ang Thian Kang

        I am a student of Postgraduate Diploma Level 7. If I have completed it I would like to proceed into Diploma Level 8 and DBA Programme

  • Ola

    Hi there,
    is this program available for online learning for getting the degree? is it actually active at this moment for the students interested?
    Thanks in advance for replying!

  • just send the request to admin and register your interest, need any support, writes me any time

    MD USMAN, DBA researcher
    MSc-ITC. CMgr. MCMI, M-BAm, PG, level 7 & 8.

  • Samira Giesy

    thank you

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