Level 2 Diploma in Business and Management

Level 2 Diploma in Business and Management

Level 2 Diploma in Business and Management

Level 2 Diploma in Business and Management aims to equip learners with sound knowledge of the business environment, administrative procedures, customer care, policies and knowledge of succeeding in business and management roles. It assumes no prior knowledge of business, management or administrative skills. Therefore, it provides an all-encompassing knowledge of the business environment, management skills, financial operations, customer care skills, and communication skills. These units have been designed to provide learners with the knowledge of how to apply themselves to work and know-how to progress their administration and management careers.


Learning Objectives of Level 2 Diploma in Business and Management

By the end of the qualification, learners will be able to -

    • Understand the effectiveness of team working within the organisation.
    • Understand the performance of the business environment.
    • Identify the importance of managing finance.
    • Understand management analysis for the business environment.
    • Understand the principles of good customer service and to provide good customer care.
    • Understand organisation policies to deal with customer requirements.
    • Understand different ways of communication.
    • Understand methods to communicate information within the organisation.
    • Understand the needs and wants of the customer in a new business.
    • Understand how to market products or services in the business.
    • Know how to sell products and services.

Qualification Structure and Assessment

The course's overall structure is based on four modules that cover several topics relating to learning outcomes. Learners must complete four units successfully and achieve 40 credits before the Diploma can be issued.

  1. Business and Management Skills
  2. Customer Service Management
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Management and Leadership 
  5. Marketing and Sales



Career path

The vocational and applied nature of the qualification means that different learners would benefit from attending a programme of study and achieving the qualification. Learners who have recently completed compulsory education and have chosen to follow a career in business management or a related career will acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge to enter the workplace successfully. Obtaining this qualification would be beneficial for those who are re-entering employment after a period of absence and for those who are seeking a career change.

Learners will be able to progress into a variety of careers, including -

    • Office Manager
    • Administrative Officer
    • Receptionist
    • Customer Service Officer

After completion of this qualification, you can study further by taking one of the following qualifications.



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  1. Study Planner - L2DBM

  2. Unit 01 - Business and Management Skills

    1. Understanding Business Environment and Design Strategy

  3. Unit 02 - Customer Service Management

  4. Unit 03 - Communications Skills

  5. Unit 04 - Marketing and Sales

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