Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship is one the newest and the popular internationally recognised qualification in the UK, accredited to Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 3 and European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 4, and it includes all elements of formal traditional Business Management, Business Studies or Administration qualification.

By studying Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you will become a qualified Entrepreneur to develop a new business idea or bring change and innovation in the products, services and processes to gain competitive advantages over your competitors in the local, regional or international market. This qualification will equip students capabilities to solve business problems, improve business communications, develop new business, explore business ideas, drive innovation in existing products and services, manage the internal and external business environment, information system, people/HR, and resources of any business in any sector. This course will also prepare a learner for professional managerial and leadership roles in the public or private sector.


By the end of the programme, students will be able to:

  • understand innovation management for business development 
  • understand the concept of entrepreneurship and its relation to small businesses;
  • understand the concept of entrepreneurship and its relation to small businesses;
  • Identify various theories of entrepreneurship
  • Gain the skills and knowledge required for effective communications in the organisation;
  • Develop critical thinking skills for innovative business ideas and evaluate entrepreneurial business idea;
  • Identify analyse role, nature and characteristics of the entrepreneur in the economy;
  • Understand the entrepreneurial steps to business planning;
  • Understand the nature of small and medium enterprises (SME) and their marketing practices;
  • Develop a marketing strategy for an existing and a new business;
  • Identify an entrepreneurial role in brand development;
  • Understand the nature of entrepreneurial finance and accounting principles;
  • Understand entrepreneurial finance in the decisions making process.


Qualification Structure

Learners must complete all mandatory units and two optional units to achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Mandatory units contain 30 credits.

  1. Innovation for Business (10 credits)
  2. English for Business Communication (10 credits)
  3. Thinking Entrepreneurially (10 credits)


Optional units contain 30 credits (select two)

  1. Entrepreneurial Marketing (15 credits)
  2. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Business Planning (15 credits)
  3. Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting (15 credits)


Career paths

Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship introduces the world of business, and learners will be able to progress into a variety of careers, including:

  • Progress onto Level 4 Diploma in Business Management or start a BA (Hons) degree.
  • Starting own business, Managing Finance, Managing people,
  • Business Development Manager or Director
  • Senior Manager, Office Manager or Supervisor
  • Team Manager or Supervisor
  • Administration Officer/Administrator
  • Senior Administration Officer
  • Customer Service Manager

In addition to the above careers, Graduates can have their own business in various sectors: Marketing, Finance, Insurance Services, Energy, Manufacturing, and Retail.


Accreditation and International Recognition 

Level 3 Diploma in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship is regulated by Ofqual to Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) at Level 3. The awarding body is Qualifi Ltd.


Assessment Methods

Each unit is assessed with an assignment. .


How to Apply?

There are three ways to apply for this course.

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(2) Complete the admission application form - Click Here

Once we receive your application or purchase order, we will contact you with an offer/admission letter and instructions to complete the enrolment at Cambridge Management and Leadership School. 


  1. Study Planner - L3DBIE

  2. Unit 01- Innovation for Business

    The aim of this unit is to introduce the learner to innovation in a business context. Learners will understand the innovation management and its role in developing business. Learners will recognise the value of innovation for business and the role it takes in a business life cycle.
  3. Unit 02- English for Business Communication

    The aim of this unit is for learners to develop the skills required for effective communications within an organisation. Learners will be able to identify issues that relate to adverse effects in a business and how to address them.
  4. Unit 03-Thinking Entrepreneurially

    The aim of this unit is to introduce the learner to an evaluation of themselves in an entrepreneurial context by using several techniques including SWOT. Learners will be introduced to critical thinking skills and put these into context against a business plan
  5. Unit 04 - Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Business Planning

    The aim of this unit is to introduce learners to the various theories of entrepreneurship and the role of innovation theories in the development of an entrepreneur.
  6. Unit 05 - Entrepreneurial Marketing

    The aim of this unit is to introduce learners to develop their understanding relating to marketing and marketing approaches as an entrepreneur. You will be able to develop a conceptual framework for entrepreneurial marketing.

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