Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) purpose is to develop management and leadership competencies in individuals for them to be effective in their respective organisational roles. The programme addresses the needs of practising or aspiring senior managers or entrepreneurs who require the formal development of management skills. The MBA provides an excellent opportunity for applicants to enhance their career prospects.


At the end of the qualification, learners will be able to

  • Develop learners’ understanding of strategic and change management models
  • Develop and implement a strategic and operational plan
  • Understand key concepts and approaches to leadership.
  • Understand how to make effective and ethical decisions in the organisation.
  • Understand HR and plan to develop, implement and review human resource strategies.
  • Develop, plan, implement and review strategies in finance, supply chain and marketing.
  • Learn research skills
  • Achieve Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Achieve Master of Business Administration degree.


Course Structure

The qualification has a total of six units and a dissertation.

  1. Strategic Management (20 credits)
  2. Strategic Leadership (20 credits)
  3. Strategic Human Resource Management (20 credits)
  4. Advanced Business Research Methods (20 credits)
  5. Strategic Marketing (20 credits)
  6. Supply Chain and Operations Management OR Strategic Change Management OR Strategic Financial Management (20 credits)

At the end of six units, learners will achieve 120 credits Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, accredited by Ofqual and awarded by OTHM Qualifications. Learners will progress to the following unit, delivered by our partner London Graduate School.

  • Dissertation (60 credits)


About the Awarding body – OTHM

OTHM is an internationally recognised awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual in England. After completing the first six units, learners will achieve the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

University of Chichester, UK

The University of Chichester is a public university located in West Sussex, England. The University of Chichester can trace its origins back to 1839.

To read more about the University – Click Here.


The University of Chichester awards a master of Business Administration degree upon completing a ‘Dissertation’.


Who is this course for?

This MBA is designed for learners seeking a highly paid job or for middle and senior executives interested in developing their management and leadership skills to progress for a senior management or leadership role. This qualification is also suitable for personal and professional development.



MBA provides various careers and encourages learners to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Graduates can seek to work in any public or private sector such as Director or Senior Manager Role in HR, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Banking, and Health Service.


Entry Requirements

We expect a learner to have sufficient work experience or the previous level qualification to study this course.


How to apply?

There are four options to apply for a course. Please select only 1 option.

Option 1 – Purchase the course, and you will get access to the course materials. You will have to complete an enrolment form to complete your registration after six units. OR

Option 2 – Pay Monthly (6 Months) – Click Here to Purchase the Course and pay in 6 monthly instalments of £750/month. It is suitable for learners who want to complete the course in 9-12 months.     OR

Option 3 – Pay Monthly (10 Months) – Click Here to Purchase the Course and pay in 10 monthly instalments of £450/month. It is suitable for learners who want to complete the course in 18-24 months. OR     

Option 4Apply for admission – Click Here. Once your admission application is submitted, we will take 1-3 days to issue you an offer letter.


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