An MBA aims to develop management and leadership competencies in individuals for them to be effective in their respective organisational roles. The programme addresses the needs of practising or aspiring senior managers or entrepreneurs who require the formal development of management skills. The MBA Fast Track Programme provides an excellent opportunity for applicants to enhance their career prospects. Applications for the MBA Top-Up is a Fast Track Programme will be considered from students who can produce evidence of having been awarded the Postgraduate Diploma qualification in relevant areas. Fast Track MBA provides the following skills,

  • Understand how organisations operate;
  • Develop strong communication skills (oral and written);
  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills;
  • Become a problem solver;
  • Become a decision-making;
  • Become a logical thinker;
  • Develop presentation, research, and writing skills;
  • Develop an understanding of how to interpret, use, and generate financial data;
  • Become more self-motivated;
  • Develop initiative and effective time management skills;
  • Develop project and resource management skills;
  • Understand economic fluctuations and external changes that affect business.


Entry Requirements

Eligible applicants level 6 or an undergraduate qualification. 


Course Structure

The qualification has seven units (including 12,000 words dissertation). To progress to the dissertation stage, learners must complete the following six units. 

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Strategic Leadership
  3. Strategic Human Resource Management
  4. Advanced Business Research Methods
  5. Strategic Marketing
  6. Supply Chain and Operations Management OR Strategic Change Management

At the end of six units, learners will achieve 120 credits Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, accredited by Ofqual and awarded by OTHM Qualifications Awarding Organisation. Learners will progress to the following unit.

  • Dissertation (60 credits)


Total credits and the qualification delivery

The UK MBA degree is 180 credits in total. This qualification is delivered in two phases.

  • Cambridge Management and Leadership School entirely deliver 120 credits at Phase 1 - six units. 
  • 60 credits at Phase 2 - dissertation is entirely delivered by a London Graduate School supervisor or the other providers offering MBA Top Up / Master stage degree, a partner institute of Cambridge Management and Leadership School.


MBA Top-Up provides various careers and encourages learners to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Graduates can seek Director or Senior Manager Roles in HR, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Banking, and Health Service.


How to apply?

Click here for an admission application form, select Master of Business Administration, and complete and submit. 



Successful learners will get full tuition/delivery support from Cambridge Management & Leadership School.


  1. Business Research and Understanding Research Methods

  2. Literature and Methodology

  3. How to incorporate citations into your work

  4. Sources, avoid plagiarism, summarizing and paraphrasing and Referencing

  5. Ethical Issues in the Research Process

  6. Writing a Research Proposal - Example

  7. Writing a Dissertation

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  • Fahd Zaheer

    I am already an MBA from Pakistan but I now wish to gain my MBA from UK. Can you advise me whats the exemption available for me.

    I am a British Citizen and permanently settled in Essex UK. As such I am currently working as an Area Manager in London Underground and manager two group of stations comprising of 13 stations and over 200 employees. I manage a multi-million pound budget per year and ensure that my stations operate safely very day.

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