Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is designed for developing and implementing effective strategies across ambitious growing organisations. Strategic management is for Executive Directors and Senior Managers and for those who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective corporate performance. 

The Diploma requires aspiring or current directors and senior managers to build knowledge and understanding in strategic direction and leadership and to focus growth and performance across all levels of an organisation; making it competitive and responsive to acquiring tomorrow’s business. The Diploma is accredited at the postgraduate research at Level 8 to the Regulated Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework.

The rationale of the Diploma is to provide recognition for those who wish to develop their own abilities within the business. The outcomes of the Diploma look to develop the skills required by organisations globally in order to provide excellent service and so elevate its status and credibility.

The Diploma creates learning that advances the thought leadership of organisations, offering conceptual and practical insights that are applicable in the companies of today and tomorrow.

Furthermore, we look to develop the senior managers, directors, executives, and leaders of the future through the creation and delivery of learning appropriate for the industry.

The Diploma will link to key development areas of commerce more specifically within organisational and strategical management, marketing, and enterprise. Contemporary issues are identified and evaluated so that the learner has a true vocational understanding of the industry as well as an academic perspective.

The qualification will enable learners to become independent, self-directed learners with tools and motivation to continue learning, developing, and reflecting on practice throughout their careers.


Aims and Objectives

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management provides the opportunity for individuals to forge a career in management by seeking a greater knowledge and understanding industry, and to support the individual’s development into senior positions. The course aims for the following:

  1. To enable learners to apply analytical and evaluative techniques to business in private and public sectors
  2. To enhance analytical and evaluative skills relating to business across a number of industries
  3. To develop the learner’s ability to recognise and reflect on the process of personal learning and development which facilitates the enhancement of key personal, sociable and other transferable skills
  4. To encourage the student’s self-reflection, analytical, intellectual and transferable skills


The overall learning objectives of Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership are:

  1. To understand and apply the principles of strategic leadership in a business environment
  2. Review and apply the principles of business management within the industry
  3. To understand and apply the principles of strategic management in a specific environment
  4. To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world.
  5. Analyse problem-solving techniques specific to business and industry
  6. Select, collate, review and analyse information from a wide range of sources
  7. Work independently and as part of a team
  8. Manage one’s own personal development and growth.


Recognition, Equivalence, and Certification

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management has been accredited to the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and each Qualification has its own unique Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN). This number will appear on the learner’s final certification document. Each unit with the Qualification has its own RQF code. The QAN for these Qualifications are as follows:

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership: 601/5362/3


Course Structure

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership focuses upon developing understanding, skills and abilities to equip the Learner with the awareness and aptitudes to be an effective strategic manager and leader. It has total 160 credits. 

Unit 01 - Leadership Qualities and Practice

Unit 02 - Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager

Unit 03 - Strategy Development in Cross-Border and Global Organisations

Unit 04 - Strategic Planning in Cross-Border and Global Organisations

Unit 05 - Strategic Direction in Cross-Border and Global Organisations

Unit 06 - Strategic Communication

Unit 07 - Culture and its Impact on Strategy

Unit 08 - Research Methods


Assessment Methods

The methods for assessing student performance are through an assignment of each module to evaluate different aspects of learning outcomes. Learners may also be asked to write a Business Report covering all learning outcomes in each unit.


Entry Requirements

We expect learners to have sufficient work experience or previous level qualification at the undergraduate or the postgraduate level. Please contact us on info@cmls-global.com for qualification or work experience evaluation. We accept all qualifications (regardless of any sector/subject) to this course. 


Exemption or Credit Transfer 

We accept learners holding the same level qualification to transfer their credits to Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Please note that the awarding body of this qualification provides exemption and credit transfer facility to learners where learners have achieved relevant or equal level qualifications to avoid the duplication of learning and assessment. Cambridge Management and Leadership School support learners in the recognition of their prior learning that they meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding, skills or professional competence they already possess and do not need to develop through a course of learning. Learners can apply for credit transfer, equivalence, or exemption through Credit transfer, equivalence, and exemptions procedure. Full details and application form are available on https://www.cmls.org.uk/policies


Who is this course for?

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is suitable for learners who are administrators, managers or leaders. It is not necessary for you to be in the senior management position, you can still study this course for personal, professional, and career development. Please note that this qualification is equivalent to the Doctorate level qualification awarded by any UK University due to its accreditation at Level 8, therefore, we recommend you to get critical writing and research skills. 



Students can complete this course in a minimum of six months. The maximum duration to complete this course is 9-12 months. Part-Time students can apply for extension free of charge for up to 24 months. 


Career Paths

Qualifi Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership provides a variety of careers and encourages learners to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Graduates can seek Director or Senior Manager Role in the area of HR, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Banking, and Health Service. You will also have an opportunity to study our Doctorate of Business Administration (Direct entry into Thesis) to develop an academic or research career in a wide range of institutional settings, anywhere around the world. 


Apply for Admission

To apply for the Admission - Click Here to Complete Admission Application Form


  1. Study Planner - Level 8 Diploma

  2. Unit 01 - Leadership Qualities and Practice

    The unit explores the links between leadership and management at the strategic level. Different leadership styles and underlying principles and concepts will be considered. The unit will explore how team performance can be evaluated and optimised to realize strategic business and operational objectives. The unit covers the links between strategic management and leadership, key leadership principles, theory and organisational strategy.
  3. Unit 02 - Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager

    This unit is about strategic leadership skills required by directors and senior managers to successfully lead international organisational strategic activity working with partners’ buyers, suppliers, customers and competitors.
  4. Unit 03 - Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations

    This unit addresses strategy development for cross border or global organisations that face challenges that include political, religious, cultural and social divides and the administrations of organisations operating within particular countries or boundaries.
  5. Unit 04 - Strategic Planning for Cross Border and Global Organisations

    The unit examines the range of influences and impacts on cross-border or global organisations and how that contributes to successful strategy formulation and the management of risk.
  6. Unit 05 - Strategic Direction in Cross Border and Global Organisations

    This unit will allow senior strategic managers to explore the influences and impacts upon cross-border and global policy and strategy. It will support improvements in setting direction, the approach to and in forecasting the success of cross-border or global policy and strategy.
  7. Unit 06 - Strategic Communication

    The unit aims to develop the ability to critically assess and appreciate the impact of media for international organisations. It considers stakeholders, political and pressure groups as well as the part played by media owners.
  8. Unit 07 - Culture and its Impact on Strategy

    This unit aims to develop deep understanding of the complexities of organisations that operate internationally and how that affects strategy development. The unit will use reasoned and researched perspectives and aims to develop alternative perspectives.
  9. Unit 08 - Research Methods

    The aim of the unit is to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of academic practice and approaches to research. It utilises a problem‐based learning approach to develop your practical competence in aspects appropriate to academic practice and research in business and management.

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  • Teris C.

    I would like to thank the Cambridge Management and Leadership School for giving me the opportunity to study the Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. An excellent experience that will support me in my operations in my country! I have already been accepted for a DBA (Top up) from a Swiss Institute!

  • TO,
    Director CMLS

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you (CMLS) for your support of the PG diploma Level 8
    (2018-19) in Strategic Management and Leadership. I am grateful for the opportunities and continuing DBA (Top up) with OUS and other EU university under your direction!.

    Attending online CMLS learning always has been helpful by the course director, and have a fantastic experienced, and learning. Upon completion of my PG diploma Level 8, I will pursue further research in DBA. I would like, especially thanks for the Course Director, who was always ready in helping and advising this programme and without academic support from CMLS ‘s academic staff it will be not possible to complete this programme as required.

    Once again, thank you for supporting

    Your generosity truly makes a difference, and i am looking forward to going further for DBA top-up programmes.


    Chartered Manager CMgr-CMI
    DBA Researcher ARU
    International Travel Consultant ITC-IATA
    dated: May 2019

  • I want to thank the Cambridge Management and Leadership for offering me this opportunity to study the level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management. It will greatly enhance my career and I am truly humbled to be accepted. Thank you.

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