Total Fees

Total Fees

Total fees at Cambridge Management and Leadership School is composed of tuition, assessment and the certification cost. 


Tuition fees –

The tuition fee includes

Access to Virtual Learning Platform – You will be provided with a secure login to access the virtual learning platform. The virtual learning platform includes study planner, lessons/unit study topics and electronic study support documents.

Tutor support - Our online courses are self-paced with minimum duration requirements. For example six, nine or twelve months. Tutorial includes the amount of contact time to access the course. You can also expect to be given a tutor when you start the course to advise you throughout your course.

Online chat support - Online chat support team is available to answer any questions and to provide you guidance whenever you will feel difficulty in understanding the topic or may require additional guidance to write your assignments. You must log in with your details to chat with the support team.

Email support – You can contact your tutor or support team via email (, please specify your name, the course title, and the start date. The support team will provide you with useful tips and guidance throughout your study.

Student support services – Our support team will provide you with career-related guidance or further study progression routes.

Admin support – we do lots of other stuff for you like registration of you with school, provide useful information so you can order the student card, study and assessment support, and supporting you with reference letters to your potential employers.


Assessment Fees –

Assessment fees are mandatory for learners to pay at the time of registration. It includes

Marking your assignments – most of our qualifications method of assessment is assignment only. We arrange a qualified and experienced assessor to mark your submitted assignment on time (usually within a week you submit your assignment in the virtual learning platform). Assessors provide you with constructive and productive feedback and marks.

Quality Assurance of assignments – We have qualified internal quality assurers (IQAs or internal verifiers) to check your marked assignments.  IQAs ensure that marking by the assessors on the students work is fair and valid. IQAs sample students work and ensure learners get constructive feedback.

External Quality Assurance (EQAs)– Once a student completes the required units within the qualification, the awarding organisation arrange their qualified external quality assurers (EQAs) to ensure that assessment and internal quality assurance activities within the Cambridge Management and Leadership School have been conducted in a consistent, valid and fair manner. EQAs check the quality service, intuitional policies, and processes and verify the sample learners' work and assessment records.

Registration, Transcript, and Certificate– Assessment fees includes certificate and transcript or the certificate of achievement cost. If a qualification is awarded by the external awarding body to which we are accredited (ABMA, Qualifi, EBMA, OTHM etc.) to offer accredited qualifications, then learners should keep in mind that assessment fees include their registration, certification and quality assurance of assessment cost.

What if I fail an assignment? 

If you fail in any assignment, you don't have to pay extra. You can re-take that unit/module and re-submit assignment. 


What if I want to extend the course duration? 

You can extend the course duration by writing us an email. We don't charge for the course extension except for qualifications at Level 8 or equivalent e.g. DBA. 



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